Integration Guide: Shopify Packing Slips

This guide will show you how to add your customers gift option details to your packing slips.

If you want to include your customers selected gift options and messages in the order packing slip, copy and paste this snippet into your packing slip template at the same point shown in the image below.

Your packing slip template can be accessed in the Shopify admin via:

Shopify Admin > Settings > Shipping and Delivery > Packing Slips


{% for property in %}

{% assign key = property | first %}

{% if key == 'Gift Option' %}

Gift option: {{ property | last }}<br>

{% endif %}

{% if key == 'Gift Sender' %}

Gift Sender: {{ property | last }}<br>

{% endif %}

{% if key == 'Gift Recipient' %}

Gift Recipient: {{ property | last }}<br>

{% endif %}

{% if key == 'Gift Message' %}

Gift message:<br>


{{ property | last }}



{% endif %}

{% endfor %}


This snippet is usually pasted after the closing </p> tag found on line 143 (on the default template). If your template has been customized or you are using a third party app for packing slips please contact Shopify Support or the third party app support for assistance.

The screenshot below shows the Packing slip template editor within the Shopify admin. This is where the snippet above will be pasted into. Please carefully look at the text in the input box for reference on where you need to paste the snippet.

Shopify Admin packing slip template editor

Once the snippet has been added to your Packing slip template in Shopify admin, return to your Orders page, and find an order tagged with gift wrapping. You can preview the Packing slip template here against an actual order to verify.

You must also ensure the order has gift options set to Line item properties, as this method is not supported by Shopify when using Order Note Attributes. For a full list of variables Shopify supports in the packing slip, please refer to their documentation.

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