Integration Guide: Wrapped and ShipStation via Shopify

Wrapped ensures that your gift orders are handled with precision and care. If you're using Shopify, integrating Wrapped with ShipStation is simple and efficient. This guide will detail how ShipStation identifies and processes gift orders from Wrapped.

How Wrapped Identifies Gift Orders in Shopify

When a customer places a gift order through Wrapped, our app tags the Shopify order with "🎁 Gift Wrap". This tag serves as an identifier for gift orders, making it easier for ShipStation to recognize and process them accordingly.

Note: The default tag is "🎁 Gift Wrap", but you can customize this tag in Wrapped under the "Order settings" section.

How ShipStation Identifies Gift Orders

ShipStation has a built-in feature that identifies gift orders. When Shopify syncs orders to ShipStation, the "🎁 Gift Wrap" tag from Wrapped is also transferred. ShipStation can then use this tag to identify the order as a gift order.

Refer to their Identify Gift Orders article for more information.

Identify Gift Orders in ShipStation Using Automation Rules

To ensure that ShipStation processes your customers gift orders correctly:

  • In ShipStation, you can set up an automation rule to handle orders tagged with "🎁 Gift Wrap". Refer to the order tag value you have set in Wrapped under the "Order settings" section.
  • This rule can be configured to automatically apply specific actions to gift orders, such as adding gift wrapping or including a gift receipt.

For detailed steps on setting up automation rules in ShipStation, refer to their Automation Rule Examples article.

It is also worth noting ShipStation supports custom packaging options, you may choose to use custom packaging (with your branding - free advertising) with the options mentioned above. Refer to their Creating Custom Package Types article for more information.


By integrating Wrapped with ShipStation via Shopify and utilizing the "🎁 Gift Wrap" tag, you can ensure that your gift orders are identified and processed with the special attention they deserve. If you have further questions or need assistance, please reach out to the ShipStation support team.

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