How do I send gift information to my fulfillment network?

Developer documentation for 3PL / fulfillment network integration.

When an order is placed with Wrapped gift options, the customer information (gift option, gift message, sender, recipient, etc) will be stored on the order details page.

If you are working with a 3PL / external fulfillment partner who has access to pull order data from your store (through the Shopify API) - you can let them know where the information is stored, or refer them here, to this article.

Order attributes

If you are using "Order attributes", refer to the Order.customAttributes.

These order attributes will be formatted like "Wrapped Order" if you are charging per-order, or "Wrapped Item 1, Wrapped Item 2" if you are charging per-item.

Each order attribute will have a key as "Wrapped Order" or "Wrapped Item 1". The contents of that key will contain the Gift Option, the SKU, the Message, and the Sender and/or Recipient depending on which features you have enabled.

For developers parsing this content, you can safely split on new line returns "\r\n".

Line-item properties

If you are using "Line-item properties", refer to the LineItem.customAttributes.

These properties will be associated with each individual line-item in the order. If you are charging per-order, the properties will be attached to the gift option line item. If you are charging per-item, the properties will be attached to each individual item.

To determine which setting you are using for your account, open the "Order settings" section inside the Wrapped app. It will be the selected option.

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