How do I remove Wrapped from my store?

Learn how to remove Wrapped by uninstalling or turning off the gift option widgets temporarily.

Uninstalling the app

If you're only offering gift options or gift wrap during certain seasons, uninstalling/removing the Wrapped app from your Shopify store is a simple solution.

This action will automatically cancel your subscription and prevent it from renewing. Keep in mind, however, that if you decide to offer gift options or gift wrap in the future, you'll need to set up the app again.

It's worth mentioning that Wrapped seamlessly integrates with your Shopify theme without the need for any additional code. So, when you uninstall the app, there's no need to worry about any extra cleanup.

Turn off the gift option widgets

If you're taking a break from offering gift options, but plan to resume in the near future, turning off / disabling the widgets in your theme editor is an easy way to temporarily hide the gift options while also preserving all of your existing settings.

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