Turn off gift option widgets

Use the Shopify theme editor to disable gift option widgets.

This quick guide will show you how to turn off gift option widgets.

The first thing you need to do is open the theme editor

In the Wrapped app we have provided a button that will bring you into the theme editor settings specifically for Wrapped. You can find this button in the Wrapped app, under the "Widgets & Labels" section.

Find these buttons within the app to open the online store theme editor

Note: If you are using Safari and see an error regarding redirection loops. Instead access the theme editor from the Shopify Admin sidebar menu via:

Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes > Customize

Turn off the "App Embed" called: Gift Options

If the Wrapped Gift Options app embed is not turned off, turn it off by clicking the toggle button displayed in the image below.

The sidebar should now look like this:

Press "Save" in the theme editor

The widgets and all app features are now turned off on your Shopify storefront.

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