Turn on a gift option widget

Use the Shopify theme editor to enable gift option widgets, without adding any code to your Shopify theme.

This quick setup guide will walk you through some simple steps required to turn on your first Wrapped gift option widget.

When you see the word "widget" what we really mean is the little checkbox your customers will tick to add gift options to their order.

To help give you a visual idea of what to look for, here is a gift option widget which will appear on your cart page once you turn it on:

Let's turn on your first widget!

The first thing you need to do is open the theme editor.

In the Wrapped app we have provided a button that will bring you into the theme editor settings specifically for Wrapped.

Note: If you do not have permission access to the theme editor - you will either need to contact our support team or have the store owner add that permission to your staff account.

Note: If you are using Safari and see an error regarding redirection loops. Instead access the theme editor from the Shopify Admin sidebar menu via: Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes > Customize

Turn on the "App Embed" called: Gift Options.

An app embed is what Shopify calls apps that work on your theme and online store. This Shopify article has more information. If the Wrapped Gift Options app embed is not turned on, turn it on by clicking the toggle button and press "Save" in the theme editor. The sidebar should now look like this:

Turn on the CART LIST (Cart Page) widget

Return to the Wrapped app inside of the Shopify admin, and visit the WIDGETS section. Pick the widget you would like to turn on, and then set it's status to ACTIVE. Once saved, return to the Theme Editor to preview.

Verify the CART LIST (Cart Page) widget appears on your cart page

First you need to add a product to your shopping cart, do this inside the Shopify Theme Editor. Once the product has been added, open your cart page.

You should see the cart widget appearing, usually between the subtotal and checkout button.

Note: If the cart widget is not appearing, make sure both the app embed and the cart widget are turned on in the Shopify Theme Editor sidebar.

If everything worked out - you are now all set with your first widget.

Try turning on other widgets and customizing Wrapped gift option settings in the Shopify Theme Editor sidebar.

If you do not see the widget - read on below, and please do let us know. We can get it added quickly.

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