How do Customer Filters work?

Decide which customers are allowed to add gift options to their orders.

A Customer Filter is how you tell Wrapped to hide widgets for a specific customer (ie: wholesale customers). Wrapped uses customer tags on the customer to indicate it should be filtered.

Whenever you tag a customer with wrapped:customer:disabled - the gift option widget will not appear for that customer. You can think of this as an on/off switch.

Where do I add the customer filter tag?

  1. Open the Shopify Customer Admin, and select the customer you wish to filter.
  2. On the right side, add the tag wrapped:customer:disabled
  3. Press "Save".

After pressing "Save" the customer will be automatically filtered from seeing Wrapped widgets on your online store.

How do I add a customer filter to a large amount of customers?

If you need to add the customer filter tag wrapped:customer:disabled on many customers, or customers in a certain segments. Shopify has a solution, read more about using Shopify Bulk Actions to complete the task in a single action.

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