Widget positioning, alignment, & adjustments

We often see requests in our support or slack channels asking about the default positioning of our storefront widgets, or how to align to left or right side of the page. In some cases the theme will try to center align a widget by default, but this can be easily corrected with simple CSS or a quick message to our support team.

Why is the widget in the middle of the page?

Depending on your theme, if there have been customizations, other apps, or theme defaults - the widget may need to be left or right aligned on the page.

This type of support request is included in ALL plans, so please contact our support team and we can get that resolved for you very quickly.

How can I reposition the widget above or below a Checkout button?

Our team can easily relocate widgets for you if your theme does not support app blocks, or if it is slightly tricky to relocate manually due to theme customizations or defaults.

For developers, please refer to our developer guide listed below.

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