How do Product Filters work?

Decide which products are eligible for gift options.

A Product Filter is how you tell Wrapped to hide widgets for a specific product. Wrapped uses product tags on the product to indicate it should be filtered.

Whenever you tag a product with wrapped:disabled - the gift option widget will not appear for that product. You can think of this as an on/off switch. Your customers will not be able to add gift options to the tagged product.

Where do I add the product filter tag?

  1. Open the Shopify Product Admin, and select the product you wish to filter.
  2. On the right side, add the tag wrapped:disabled
  3. Press "Save".

After pressing "Save" the product details will be automatically sent to Wrapped where the filter will be applied. When you view the product in your online store (product page and/or cart) the gift option will not be available.

How do I add a product filter to a large amount of products?

If you need to add the product filter tag wrapped:disabled on many products, or products in a certain collection. Shopify has a solution, read more about using Shopify Bulk Actions to complete the task in a single action.

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